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About Us

Proof Fly Fishing started about 18 years ago in my basement.  I was just getting into building fly rods (bamboo at the time) and I kept running into either inconsistent quality or excessively priced tools, materials, and components.  As a result I gathered a few dozen like minded rod builders together and we pooled our resources to make bulk purchases.  What we noticed was the price went down and the quality went up.  As time went on the group began to grow as did the number of products we were sourcing.  When the group hit 800 members it was time to open up shop and Proof Fly Fishing was born.  

Thanks for visiting our site. We work hard to keep our prices as fair as possible and our quality high.  If you have any questions or need advice on selecting components or on any part of the rod building process, please feel free to reach out to us.  

Thanks and I hope you find building, repairing, or restoring fly rods as satisfying as I have. 


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