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 We are excited to offer rod building video tutorials.  We are currently working on a new series of videos detailing working with ferrules.  Removing, replacing, fitting, etc... will all be addressed.  



Guide Placement Calculator 

Guide spacing is both an art and a science.  At the link below you will find an excellent guide spacing calculator.  To get started simply enter the length of the blank and the number of guides.  The general recommendation is to take the length of the blank in feet say 9' (round up if necessary) and then add one to determine the number of guides.  A 9' blank, then will require 10 guides.  You can also use our custom guide and spacing service to get a set of custom recommendations.  

Guide Spacing


Video Series:

Fiberglass rods:
Graphite rods:
How to restore a bamboo fly rod:
Technique & repair videos: 
PDF Tutorials:

Videos in the works:


How to remove ferrules

Intro to understanding bamboo rod ferrules 

How to install ferrules 

How to fit (dress) ferrules.  



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