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We offer a number of guides and hardware to choose from:

-Snake Brand (Universal, light wire, and Original) guides

-Our house brand low profile wire guides, ceramic guides, and single foot guides in chrome or ash

-A range of PacBay guides

Both offer excellent quality for a range of builds.  Snake Brand Guides are premium guide and are common on high end builds.  The Snake Brand Universal guides feature a concave foot design that increases the surface contact between the guide and blank.  Alternatively, the Snake Brand Original guides feature a flat ground foot for use in a bamboo blank.  

Our house brand guides split the difference on price and workability.  They are offered in a dark Ash and a polished chrome finish and feature pre-ground feet that work great on both round and flat (bamboo) blanks.  

PayBay guides come in both snake guides (standard wire and lite wire) and single foot guides. They come in both chrome and Tigrey (a very dark charcoal) finishes.  

Have a blank and not sure what size guides you need or how to space them?  We have a free service that can help.  Just send us an email at: 

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