Silk Thread

 We are very excited to offer Kimono silk thread for rod building.  Kimono silk thread consists of 100 silk filaments, which lends itself to both ease-ability when wrapping and the smooth liquid color that makes silk unlike any other thread.  The color saturation, selection, and vibrancy are what ultimately landed us with Kimono.  Additionally, Kimono thread is amazingly uniform in diameter.  For those of you who have wrapped with Gossamer silk you know how difficult it is when you hit a knot or when the diameter changes ever so slightly.  Kimono silk rod building thread is different.  

Wrapping with silk often takes on the mystic of white gloves, a magnifying glass, and the need for endless packing and burnishing.  Although silk is finer than standard size A rod wrapping thread, it is not that much different to wrap.  No need for gloves, or special techniques.  Silk lays down perfectly smooth and offers the finest of color with minimum build-up.  You can finish silk with either spar varnish applied with a toothpick or standard thread finish.  If you want your wraps to remain opaque, then try our "Al's Color Preserver".  

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