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Proof House Brand Guides

Proof House Brand Guides

We are happy to offer a new lineup of Proof Fly Fishing Brand guides.  Our house  guides are used by many of the top U.S. fly rod manufactures and feature a number of details that make them a great alternative to many guides currently on the market.  First, the feet are nicely prepped and generally do not require any work before wrapping them in place.  I have personally wrapped hundreds of these guides and I can only remember one that needed a small amount of work.  Second, the quality of the finish is outstanding.  The guides are made from stainless steel and are then electro-plated.  The hard finish will not chip, rub off, or breakdown in the harshest environments.  We currently offer guides in the following styles:

-Standard wire snake guide

-Lite wire snake guides

-Single foot guides

We also have matching tip tops that can be ordered in both standard size loop and large loop.  Finally, we have a nice range of stripping guides that match the finish of the guides.  Stripping guides range from Silicon Nitride, standard ceramic, and 

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