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Up-locking reel seats

Up-locking reel seats

Up-locking reel seats help balance lightweight rods by placing the reel close to the grip.  Given the thin wall construction and integrated ferrule design of modern blanks up-locking reel seats are widely used.  When paired with a lightweight reel, an up-locking reel seat helps bring the balance point of the rod exactly where it needs to be.  Up-locking seats generally require a grip with an inlet to conceal the hood.  

The Proof Fly Fishing Atlas Up-locking reel seat features classic lines, a gently sweeping hood, and subtle knurling.  Made from aircraft grade aluminum they are among the lightest and most durable in the industry.  The Atlas seat comes in a range of sizes starting with a 1-3wt, 4-6, 7-9, and even come in a spey and solid metal (tube) construction.  

*Please note: We have changed the finish description from "black nickel" to "antique gold" to more accurately describe the color.  

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