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Business Philosophy

"Great products, Great customer service, and Sustainable" That is our internal working strategy.  

Great products: We will consult with our customers to help develop and source top-shelf products at reasonable prices. There are no shortage of blanks and components on the market each promising something greater than the last. We want to be different. We seek to partner with small production shops, limited run products, and customer driven development projects. We want to provide honest not market driven information about our products. When possible, we seek to work with US based companies. When importing products such as cork we only work with companies who demonstrate sustainable practices, fair pricing to workers, and consistent product.  

Great Customer Service: We will run our company focusing on our customers, community, and environment. We will go the extra mile to ensure our customers have a great experience. We will involve our customers in developing new products and seek to educate them. We will seek to be generous not just profitable. We want to support the efforts of others who share our passion and introduce those who don't. We want to provide a platform where new ideas can be explored, developed, tested, and promoted. 

Sustainable: If a company is not profitable, it cannot sustain itself. We keep our prices as low as possible to help promote the hobby of rod building. We work direct with a number of cork farmers, product developers, entrepreneurs, custom component shops, and larger manufacturers. Our goal is to keep our quality high and our prices fair.  
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