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Spey/switch balance seat with carbon fiber insert

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Balancing two-handed rods can be a challenge.  Our new "spey/switch balance seat" allows you to move your reel up or down the length of the reel seat to get just the right feel.  The seat features a custom made "mini" insert and two threaded barrels on either side.  The threaded barrels are longer (2.5") than standard to give you more adjustment distance to work with.  Double locking nuts on both barrels ensure your reel will stay put once you have it dialed in.   The seat is offered in three hardware finishes: black, antique gold, and chrome.  Lock nuts can be ordered in either round or hex.  This seat comes complete with two cork checks to transition to the upper and lower grips. 

This seat works great when paired with our "no inlet" spey or switch grip sets.  

We also offer this seat in a range of acrylic inserts.  You can find the seats here:

Acrylic spey/switch balance seat

To pair the seat we recommend either our spey grip set (without inlet) or our switch grip set (without inlet).  

Seat Specs:

Overall length: 6"

Bore: 0.512"

 Outside Diameter: .710"


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