Sable Finish Brush (size 4)

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Once you apply rod finish with a fine sable brush its hard to go back to the cheap plastic brushes. These sable brushes are made in the U.S. and feature a flat shaped head, that is perfect for spreading rod finish. One thing you will notice about these sable brushes is that the handle is fairly short. The short handle allows for a steadier grip and is more comfortable in hand over time. Be sure and pick up some brush cleaner to care for the brush. With proper cleaning, these brushes will last many years. At $3.95 a piece they are much cheaper in the long run than their disposable counterparts.

The number 4 is the smallest brush in the sable line. If you like to wrap 2-4wt. rods, then this brush is perfect. It also does a great job working around single foot guides. The fine flat head can be turned on its side to apply an extremely fine amount of finish. The short handle allows for amazing control.