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Dickerson 8014 8' 5wt. bamboo fly rod blank (two-piece single tip)

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Lyle Dickerson (designer)

Lyle Dickerson was born in Michigan in 1892.  Dickerson started building bamboo fly rods after losing his job during the Great Depression.  His characteristically fast action rods along with his impeccable attention to detail make Dickerson rods/tapers among the most sought after today.  The 8013 taper was devised later in Lyle’s life and reflects both this mastery of bamboo and decades of experience. 

Dickerson 8014 (taper)

 The Dickerson 8014 is an excellent blank to introduce you to fishing bamboo if your background is fishing graphite rods.  The 8014 offers excellent control, a quick clean action, and a light tip that will protect delicate tippet. It offers all of the benefits of bamboo, while preserving the familiar feel and tempo of fishing a modern fly rod.  This blank features Dickerson ferrules that maintain the integrity of the taper.  This is one of my personal favorites.  The blank features a medium brown/honey tone just like Dickerson's original rods.  

 The blank pictured is the blank you will receive.  We inventory these blanks one at a time.  If The blank is "sold out" we have at least one on order and will have it in stock soon.  Please feel free to email us with any questions.  

Taper: Dickerson 8014

Length: 8’

Line weight: 5

Rod sections: two

Blank tone: medium brown/honey

Tip: single

Ferrule: Dickerson (installed and fit)

Additional information:  The spline of each section has been marked with painters tape.  You will want to place the guides on the flat that is marked.  The ferrules have a registration mark (a small dimple in the base of the ferrule) these function like alignment dots and make aligning your rod during assembly simple.  

Need a rod sock and tube?  Ron of Landmark Components is an excellent source.   970-278-1311

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