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CSE Super Truncated Swiss Ferrules (half set one female and one male) straight

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CSE Truncated Super Swiss ferrules are made in Vermont and represent the highest quality in design, workmanship, and materials.  Made from Nickel Silver these ferrules work great for both new and restoration rods.  The Truncated Super Swiss design is a straight ferrule meaning the inside of the ferrule does not have a taper or a stepped down section.  The Truncated ferrules are around 30% shorter than standard ferrules.  

Would you like us to blue the ferrules for you?  We offer the service here:  Ferrule bluing

The Super Swiss design has been around for a long time and is generally a good place to start when ordering ferrules.  All ferrules are tabbed to work with hexagonal blanks.  

Please note: Ferrules need to be lapped (fit) to each other.  The male ferrules come very slightly oversized (roughly 0.001") than the inside of the corresponding female ferrule.  To fit ferrules we offer a set of polishing paper that works great.  You can find the papers here:  Polishing Paper

A few things to consider when ordering ferrules:

1. Ferrules cannot be mix matched.  By this I mean if you have a rod that has a good working female ferrule and a split male ferrule both will need to be replaced.  Ferrules work as a team and are fit so close getting two different styles, manufacturers, etc... to play nice together just doesn't work.  

3. Ferrules are measured by their inside diameter.  If you are restoring a rod please be sure to remove the ferrules first and then measure either the inside of the ferrule or the bamboo section they were fit on.  To measure a new blank that has not had the ferrule stations (the part of the blank where the ferrules will be installed) rounded it is best to measure the blank flat to opposing flat.  The points of a hexagonal blank will be filed or sanded down to get a round station for the ferrule to sit.  If your blank is rounded already (generally restoration rods) you can measure the rounded section of the blank about 1/2" up from the end to size new ferrules.  

4. Ferrule sizing:  Ferrules are size by their inside diameter and are measured by the 64th of an inch.  So a size 10 ferrule is 10/64".  I have included a conversion chart below to simplify sizing.  Sizing ferrules requires a degree of precision.  You will need to use a caliper to ensure a proper sized ferrule.  I recommend measuring around 1/2" up from the end of the bamboo.  For restoration rods, in particular, the numbers might not come out perfectly.  For example: a size 10 ferrule measures .1562" on the inside.  Now say you measure your blank 1/2" up from the end and it comes in at .1570" (there is a bit of play allowed on both sides of the measurement) the size 10 ferrule will be the correct size.  Once you get your measurements take a look at the ferrule sizes both above and below the number and go with the slightly smaller ferrule.  It is pretty common on restoration rods to have some build-up of glue that can skew the numbers just a bit.  It's always a good idea to measure both the female side of the ferrule and the male side to ensure the sizing is roughly the same.  

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