1/2 oz. Man O' War Spar Varnish

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When it comes to ultra thin protection for thread wraps nothing beats varnish.  No mixing, no need for rotating the blank, solid UV protection, and the hint of amber.  When it comes to varnish the "go to" varnish is Man O War Spar.  I have been using MOW for the last 10 years and can't imagine using anything else for silk.  MOW even makes nylon look better.  The ultra thin application of varnish provides great protection with a classic vintage look.  

Buying a quart of Spar Varnish can be expensive considering how little it takes to finish a rod.  We are happy to offer 1/2 oz. vials of Man O' War spar varnish.  Plenty to finish sealing the wraps on half a dozen rods.  

When it comes to maximum UV protection nothing beats Man O' War varnish.  If you would like to thin the varnish for the first coat or two we also offer 1/4 oz. vials and pipettes that work prefect for making your own custom mixes.  

Each vial contains 1/2oz. of full strength varnish.  One pipette is included.