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Agate Stripping Guides

Our agate stripping guides are made one at a time in Europe.  These "Perfect" guides feature hand bezeled natural agate in a wide range of colors.  Each guide is set in nickel silver and feature a low profile frame.  The guides can be ordered in two sizes 10mm (OD) and 12mm (OD).  Guides are ordered either chrome or black nickel, both of which are a perfect match to Snake Brand black nickel and bright guides.  


10mm guides

-top of the guide to bottom .513"

-blank to bottom of agate .190"

12mm guides

-top of the guide to bottom .559"

-blank to bottom of agate .190"

The guide pictured is the guide you will get.  Each guide is unique and to ensure the guide is right, we photograph each individual guide along with a serial number for reference.   



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