Tube seat up-locking 5-7wt.

*Now shipping with a cork check and end cap


Our new "Tube" seat is made from aircraft grade aluminum.  It offers a clean modern look with a traditional gentle sweeping hood and just the right amount of knurling.  If you like the Atlas reel seat, then the Tube seat will not disappoint.  This seat also works great for switch rods.  The Tube reel seat comes in three finishes: Black, antique gold, and Chrome (pictured left to right).  You can also order extra lock nuts if you would like to add another layer of security.   

Pictured above with our .798 full wells grip, extra lock nut, and fighting butt.  



Overall length: 4"

Outside diameter of tube: .650"

Insert bore:  .550"



  • $24.00

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