Loon Top Ride (powder floatant)

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When it comes to stream-side gear I tend to me a minimalist.  I don't like to be unnecessarily encumbered with equipment.  Along with the two other Loon products I carry Top Ride has made the cut.  Top ride is a powder floatant that not only keeps your flies floating high, but will also dry your fly should it get wet.  With your fly on the leader simply drop the fly in the bottle, close the  lid, and shake.  What emerges is a perfectly dry fly that will float under just about any condition.  Top Ride is an absolute miracle product for fishing in the rain.  


Open flip lid and drop fly attached to leader into container. Hold lid closed without snapping shut, and shake a few times. False cast or blow on fly to remove excess powder. For best results, coat fly with Aquel or Royal Gel prior to applying Top Ride.