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Super Blue (ferrule bluing solution) with applicators

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Super Blue is a great way to touch up the finish on older ferrules or add a nice dark finish to new ones.  Super Blue does not require any heating or special equipment to use.  We have outlined the steps for using the product below.  Although it looks like a lot the process is pretty simple and quick.  To use:

1. Give your ferrules a good polish with 0000 steel wool.  This will remove any varnish that might be coating the metal.  

2. Move to the sink and give the ferrules a good wash with a degreasing dish soap.  Nothing fancy here, just get them good and clean.

3. Before applying Super Blue I like to give the ferrules a few passes with a paper towel soaked in denatured alcohol.  This will get the surface extremely clean and ready to be blued.  

4. dip one of the applicators into the super blue and load the cotton tip with the solution.  

5. gently work your way around the surface of the ferrule covering it with the solution.  You should see it start to work quickly.  I like to set it set for 30 seconds to make sure the solution has had time to work.  You can then polish it out with a paper towel or cotton cloth.  If you want a deeper color you simply re-apply the Super Blue until the shade you are looking for appears.  

6. Once you are happy with the color you can seal the ferrule with varnish to protect the surface.  

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