Moonlit Featherweight furled leader 4-6wt.

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There is no better leader for fishing dry flies than a furled leader!  For the last few months I have tested over a dozen different furled leaders made from a range of materials, different lengths, and produced from twelve different suppliers.  The hands down winner are the featherweight leaders from Moonlit.  They are handmade in the US from Gutermann Polyester thread and feature the tightest furl of any leader I tested.  Additionally, the leaders are longer than most furled leaders.  The 4-6wt. leader measures 7' and have a breaking strength of 11 lbs.  Just add 4-6' of tippet and you are ready to fish. 

Each furled leader attaches to your line with a loop to loop connection and features a tippet ring for both easy changing of tippet and a long life.  It is not uncommon to fish the same furled leader for a season or more.  

To keep your furled leader floating high all day we recommend using Payette Paste.