• Glow in the dark powder (1 dram)

Glow in the dark powder (1 dram)

We tested 7 different glow in the dark powders before landing on this one.  Our glow powder features a very fine grain, quick charge time, and a long lasting glow.  To use simply mix your Threadmaster as usual and then add 1/4 glow powder by volume (estimating is fine), give it a quick mix, and apply.  I typically wait until until the last wrap to add the powder.  You use less that way.  One dram will be plenty for dozens of rods.

I use this on tip top wraps and alignment dots.  When mousing at night the soft glow helps reference the tip thus keeping it away from tree branches. When nymphing in the early morning or as the sun is setting a glowing tip top helps to track subtle strikes.  

Finally, touching up your alignment dots makes not only assembly in low light conditions simple it also allows you to see the rod sections when breaking your gear down at the end of the day.  

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