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Garrison 4-6wt. down-locking reel seat with walnut insert

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The Garrison reel seat is a modern classic.  Featuring large interrupted threads, a cross knurled lock nut, pocket cap, and step-down cork check.  The design is based on the good work of famed bamboo rod maker and designer Everett Garrison.  This seat is also associated with Michigan-based bamboo rod builder Lyle Dickerson.  An American Walnut insert was a hallmark of Dickerson's rod and we are happy to be able to offer it with this seat.  

The hardware is made from aircraft grade aluminum and currently comes in four finishes: chrome, brushed, antique gold, and black.  

Inserts are made from solid wood.  

We also have an up-locking "Payne" version of this seat.

  Bore too small for your blank? Try using one of our stint to help fit any reel seat to any blank.


Overall length: 3.90”

Outside diameter of insert: .695”

Insert bore: .480”

Weight with insert: .7oz

hardware weight: .5oz.

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