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Bamboo rod care and maintenance kit

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A well made bamboo fly rod will outlast its owner.  To keep your rod in pristine shape we put together a care and maintenance kit.  The kit contains:

Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax:  This wax is applied to a finished blank and guide wraps to ensure a waterproof finish.  To apply put a small amount on a cotton cloth and rub the wax into the surface of the blank.  Allow the wax to dry for a minute and then polish it to a nice sheen with a clean cotton cloth.  Using wax is also a great way to get the varnish on guides to blend in with with a satin finish.  

Solvent free cotton patches:  These patches work great for applying tru-oil to a blank as well as apply wax.  The solvent free cotton holds just the right amount of wax to cover a rod section.  

High friction rubber pads:  When bamboo rods break it is most often when they are being put together or taken apart.  These high friction rubber pads simplify the process by giving you a solid hold of the blank.  I always keep a pair of these in my fishing vest.  

Long-handle cotton swabs:  A good ferrule is a clean ferrule.  These long-handle cotton swabs make quick work of cleaning the inside of your ferrules.  Simply apply some rubbing alcohol to the cotton and swab the inside of the ferrule.  These also work great for ferrules that will not seat all the way down.  Many times a good cleaning is all it takes to get a better fit.  

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