Atlas 1-3wt. up-locking reel seat with stacked bamboo insert

Harder than nail, renewable, and can accent both traditional and modern styles. The bamboo insert features subtle shades of amber, brown, and cream. The power fibers offer an interesting pattern and contrast.

The Atlas 1-3 wt. reel seat features classic lines, knurled edges, double pitch threading, and a gently sweeping hood in featherweight aircraft aluminum. The result is a reel seat that can withstand generations of use and still look and function like the day you opened it. Available in three finishes: Chrome, Black, and antique gold(pictured left to right).

Bore too small for your blank? Try using one of our stint to help fit any reel seat to any blank.


Overall length: 3.75”

Outside diameter of insert: .585”

Insert bore: .315”

Inlet size: .740”

Weight with insert: .6oz

hardware weight: .4oz.

  • $24.00

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