Al's color rite (silk thread color preserver)

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Keeping rod building silk from going transparent can be difficult.  The natural fibers and fine diameter can lend themselves to blotches and half transparent wraps.  The secret weapon for keeping silk's color preserved in a true and opaque solid is the right application of Al's color rite.  It might sound like  lot of work, but it goes quickly. Here is how it works: 

1. Wrap, pack, and burnish your wraps as you would any build.

2. While rotating the blank apply a generous coat of Al's color rite to the wraps making sure to get good saturation and fill the tunnel found on the inside of the guide foot.  Wipe off any excess and allow to dry. 

3. Repeat step 2  four times for a total of 5 coats of Al's color rite.  After the final coat allow the wraps to dry for 24 hours.  

4. Apply thinned spar varnish, full strength spar varnish, or thread master over the wraps.  Done!