Proof reel seats

 *All tube seats and 7-9wt. Atlas seat now ship with cork checks!

 The Atlas reel seat features design elements have been around for going on 100 years and incorporate classic lines, a gentle sweeping hood, double pitch threading, and knurled edges. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum the Atlas is available in three sizes 1-3wt. 4-6wt. 7-9wt.and can be ordered in three finishes. There are multiple inserts and hardware can be ordered separate if you wish to turn your own insert. All reel seats come un-epoxied so you can swap out inserts or add a fighting butt by removing the end cap. The fit and finish on these seats is on par with similar seats that cost twice as much. 

Second in the lineup is the "Pocket" seat.  The pocket seat features the same featherweight aluminum construction, precision machining, finishes, and overall quality of the Atlas seat only in a down-locking classic style.  

 Recent additions to the Proof line up are the Tube seats, which features an anodized aluminum body.  Perfect for saltwater fly fishing.  The Tube seat can be ordered in multiple sizes (including a spey seat) and three finishes.  

The newest member of the family is the Atlas 7-9wt. seat.  The 7-9 is perfect for heavy weight rods and features a cork check for transitioning from the seat to a fighting butt or lower grip.  The 7-9 can also be ordered in a spey configuration that has an extra lock nut.  


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