Olive 6' 2 wt. Fiberglass Blank (new tip over ferrules)

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The Olive is a quick loading tight quarters blank that is perfect for small streams, heavy coverage, or hitting the lake for pan fish. measuring in at 6' it offers the ability to present flies with extreme delicacy and accuracy.

The Olive now features tip over ferrules, which slow down the blank a bit.  

All Proof Fly Fishing blanks come with a custom silk screen rod sock, two labels: one spec. label (applied to the side of the blank just above the grip or hook keeper and a second medallion logo label that is applied to the top of the blank 12-15" above the grip), and a hanger tag that details the necessary guides and their placement. 


Length: 6'
Line Weight: 2
Material: Continuous filament E fiberglass
Tip Over Ferrules