• Devon 8' 6"  5wt. fiberglass blank
  • Devon 8' 6"  5wt. fiberglass blank
  • Devon 8' 6"  5wt. fiberglass blank

Devon 8' 6" 5wt. fiberglass blank

One of the newest members of the Proof Fly Fishing lineup. The Devon is a medium/fast blank that has a stable and quick recovery.  Excellent for large water or when you need to mend line on tricky drifts.  I have been fishing this blank on my home water for the last year and have found the length combined with a slightly softer tip are equally at home on large rivers where wind can be an issue and on small streams where getting under cover is required.  We broke from the earth tone color scheme on this blank and instead opted for a warm aluminum color that plays nice with almost any thread color.  

All Proof Fly Fishing blanks come with a custom silk screen rod sock, two labels: one spec. label (applied to the side of the blank just above the grip or hook keeper and a second medallion logo label that is applied to the top of the blank 12-15" above the grip).  


Length: 8' 6"
Line Weight: 5
Pieces: 3

Butt diameter: .467"
Material: Continuous filament E fiberglass
Spigot ferrule

Guide size and spacing:

Distance from tip top:

tip top: 5.0

1.  4 1/2" size 1

2. 9 7/8" size 1

3. 16 1/8" size 2

4. 23 1/4" size 2

5. 31 1/4" size 2

6. 40 1/8" size 3

7. 49 7/8" size 3

8. 60 1/2" size 4

9. 72" size 12mm

winding check: 12.0mm




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