Custom guide sets

Our custom guide sets are hand packed to ensure the correct size for whatever blank you might be building on.  To make sure your set is the best possible fit for your blank we will start with a few questions.  Once you select the type of blank you are working with below we will narrow in on the specifics and get a custom set put together for you.  If you don't know how to answer a given field just select the "not sure" field and we will work with the information that was provided to arrange your guide set.  

Our guide sets are offered in a number of different styles of guides including snakes, lite wire snakes, and single foot guides.  All guides are offered in two different finishes.   


Guide sets* will include a full set of Proof Omni snake or single foot guides and a matching stripping guide(s).  Guide kits for rods 10' and longer will contain two stripping guides.  

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